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Special survey to collect visitors suggestions for develop of Vizag Zoo

Special survey to collect visitor suggestions for develop of Vizag Zoo

Nandani Salaria IFS Curator Indira Gandhi Zoological park, Visakhapatnam said,  A survey is conducted, as part of the project to capture the visitor experience of visiting zoos in India and abroad. The primary objective would be to understand the requirements of the visitor and provide enhanced visitor experience.

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The response is targeted at 10o/o of the daily zoo visitors from diverse groups. It is requested to widely circulate this questionnaire among zoo visitors/ stakeholder and relatives and colleagues for their responses. The efforts should be made to get the responses on or before by 3oth of November 2O2O.

The online version of the questionnaire survey is also available at https: //www. su rveymon kev .com/r/H6 KS5FF this option may also be explored. For any further questions, kindly contact office landline no.0B9 1 -2552081 & A.Jaysree, Education officer (cell : 8 12 13 1g643) from Indira Gandhi Zoological park, Visakhapatnam with email id:igzowebsite@omail.com and/or indicate if you would you like to be contacted in future regarding the same.


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