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TS: Massacre of 70 monkeys in Mahabubabad

Mahabubabad: In a vicious act, 70 monkeys died after consuming poison. The bodies were found on Tuesday night in the bushes on the outskirts of Shanigapuram village. .

All the monkeys including infants were said to have been killed by some unidentified people by feeding them poison. The incident came to light when the villagers experienced a foul smell emanating from the bushes and then notices several bags were being dumped.

The carcasses of the monkeys were wrapped in bags before throwing near an electric substation.

Meanwhile, the officials of the forest department cremated the monkeys on Wednesday. The district forest officer said that they are identifying the culprits with the help of police and ensure punishment for killing monkeys.

On the other hand, it is suspected that the farmers killed the monkeys as they were damaging the crops.

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