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27 E-Lok Adalats dispose of 2.51 lakh cases this year

Twenty seven E-Lok Adalats were organized in 15 States leading to disposal of 2.51 lakh cases from June to October this year. Over 12,686 cases were disposed off during this month so far resulting in settlement of 107.4 crore rupees through E-Lok Adalat.

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Legal Services Authorities creatively adapted to the new normal and moved Lok Adalat to the virtual platform. From June to October 2020, 4.83 lakh cases were taken up and 2.51 lakh cases disposed off resulting in settlement of 1409 crore rupees. To facilitate access to justice amidst the constraints placed by Covid-19 and various public health guidelines, the Legal Services Authorities have ingeniously integrated technology into conventional methods of justice delivery.

E- Lok Adalats are also cost-effective as it eliminates the need for organisational expenses. Organised by Legal Services Authorities, Lok Adalats (State as well as National) are an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mode wherein pre-litigation and pending cases in the courts are disposed on the basis of amicable settlement without any expense on the part of litigants.


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