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AP: Mysterious disease in Eluru has raised to 271 special medical teams flies to Eluru

The number of sick people due to mysterious disease in Eluru of West Godavari district has risen to 271 and as many as 112 people have been discharged. The authorities evacuated ten people to Vijayawada for better treatment.

Medical personnel are providing uninterrupted services to the victims with special medical teams reached Eluru from Vijayawada. Special medical camps are going on in the areas where the symptoms appear.

Medical team has conducted a health survey of the house. Authorities sent samples to the virology lab for tests. Doctors revealed that the victims who joined with Fits symptoms were said to be not life threatening. Meanwhile, additional beds have been set up at the Eluru government hospital.

Deputy CM and Health minister CM Alla Nani is reviewing the situation from time to time. Under the supervision of Minister Alla Nani, the Collector and officials had took action and treating the victims.

Collector Katamneni Bhaskar said that people from Eluru and surrounding areas were being rushed to the hospital. Those who moved to Vijayawada revealed that their health condition was stable.

The Collector said that the National Institute of Chemical Technology has been contacted and they will come to Eluru tomorrow (Monday) to test the drinking water.

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