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Dr. Prabhakar as a Director, HMDA Urban Forestry

Dr. B. Prabhakar, an IFS officer who has served extensively in the Adilabad DFO, has been promoted to CF and exceptionally appointed by the Government as the Director of the Urban Forestry Wing under the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

Dy. Director I. Prakash, who has been working in the same wing since Srinivas’ return to the parent department, is now the director-in-charge.

DFO Dr. B. Prabhakar was recognized by the government for providing the best services in the implementation of the ambitious Hrithaharam greening program undertaken by the Telangana State Government, plantation and their care.

In the same way the greenery enhancement within the HMDA is expected to reach the target of developing greenery on both sides along the 163 National Highway up to Yadadri Sri Lakshmi Nrasimha Swammy Temple point where it is in line with the aspirations of the CM KCR in particular. He is also happy for the opportunity to work under the supervision of State Municipal Affairs Minister KTR and Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar.

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