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‘The Grand Old Lady INS Virat’ story ends!

INS Virat, who should be considered a national honor of India and Britain, which is going to become rusty

VISAKHAPATNAM:  INS Virat, the world’s largest fighter aircraft carrier, withdrew from Navy services in October 2016. At the time, it was intended to be converted into a museum and a star hotel. The central government has agreed to provide the AP with a plan to make Virat a tourist destination. Against this backdrop, it was decided to turn Virat into a museum and star hotel in the corner of Bhimili Mandal in Visakhapatnam district.

The previous TDP government had allocated Rs 1.50 crore to Chennai-based  Nautex Maritime Pvt Ltd to prepare a report to this effect. However, the TDP government finally gave up as it could not bear the cost of the Rs 700 crore projects. With this, Maharashtra came on screen and moved Virat to the Mumbai Naval Dockyard to set up a museum. The ship was eventually auctioned off by Sriram Group of Gujarat for Rs 38.54 crore.

Virat project details ..

It was decided to convert the 1,500 rooms on the warship into a tourist hotel with five star hangars. Plans are afoot to build a convention center to seat over 500 people and turn the rest into a museum. In addition, facilities such as sports, yaking and sailing, gliding and cruising are expected to be provided.

INS Virat Highlights …

Served in the British Navy in 1959. INS Virat was acquired by India in 1987 for Rs 604.50 crore. 22 captains served when INS Virat entered Indian waters. Five of them held the rank of Chief of the Indian Navy. Guinness Book of World Records.

That is why this ship is called The Grand Old Lady. A total distance of 10,94,215 kilometers was travelled. This distance is equal to 27 times the circumference of the earth.  Capable of carrying 26 war planes simultaneously during combat. The ship weighs 28,700 tons, is 226.5 meters long and 48.78 meters wide.

Last time in Visakhapatnam …

Virat, who has served the Indian Navy for a long time, has been the focal point of many historic victories. The last time Vishakha sailed in the sea waters. INS Virat shines in International Fleet Review (IFR) conducted in February 2016. The IFR was a major attraction in the acrobatics.

The last chance is gone … !!

Shriram Group, which won the Virat auction, has given another chance to turn it into a museum. It has announced that it will give the ship Rs 100 crore and will come forward by October 15. The Union Ministry of Defense has announced that it is ready to sell if the NOC is issued. However, the company announced that it was withdrawing its attempt due to non-arrival of the NOC by the deadline.

As soon as the Gujarat Maritime Board approves, the ship will be dismantled and scrapped. However, on December 4, The Hermes Virat Heritage Trust wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to protect INS Virat, which is considered a national honor by India and Britain. Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office have not yet responded to the letter.

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