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Maharashtra: Exhausted Thirsty … The joy of the people of Maismal village gets tap water for the first time

For the first time after independence, tap water came to Mhaismal village of Nashik district in Maharashtra a few days ago. The villagers for whom it was like an impossible dream turned into reality after generations, celebrated the moment like a festival. They danced to the tunes of traditional instruments and literally took out a water rally throughout the village. The synergy of local villagers and enthusiast social groups carried out the herculean task completely with the help of public participation for one and a half years.

Mhaismal village in Surgana taluka of Nashik district had been severely affected by water scarcity for decades. It was part of a regular routine for the women from this village to roam for miles to fetch water for household use.

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The issue was highlighted by nationwide media in recent years. With a determination to solve the hardships for water and address the problem permanently, local villagers and a city based NGO came forward. Social activist Pramod Gaikwad who led the team, said that the villagers worked hard for a year and a half. He said that the positive response to social media calls for the project provided timely aid and much needed optimistic spirit to everyone associated with the task.

He informed that villagers dug a well, gram panchayat helped to build a water tank and finally the water reached the village. Gaikwad said with public participation as many as 18 villages in the district have become tanker-free.

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