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Telangana: 100 trees ready for transplantation in Secretariat: Good for environment

R&B Department says it is ready to give to transplantation

Free if you have faith .. Undertaking should be given

Hyderabad: Do you have enough space to plant a tree? But a decade old tree is ready to appear there. The plant takes many years to grow. If you plant a tree of the same age .. it sounds a bit surprising to hear. But the officials of the Department of Roads and Buildings are ready to give not one, two but almost a hundred trees for such transplantation. If not here’s a new product just for you!

Take it if you are interested ..

There are hundreds of trees on the premises where the new secretariat is being built. Across the structure are neem, birch, banyan, fog, and a few other trees. The authorities decided that it would not be enough to plant them elsewhere by translocation rather than hitting them. Already 40 trees have been moved. Another 100 trees could be taken by those interested for translocation, officials said in a statement. Mark‌ is reported to have hit up to another 250. Allows for translocation of trees to be preserved.

The price has to be paid ..

Authorities also suspect that trees other than those certified for translocation will be taken for protection and sold. It is said that they were priced to avoid this. Prices vary depending on the shape of the tree. Officials say this will lead to a translocation of those who really want to grow. The nature-loving caste does not like to set the price for translocation trees. Undertaking is said to be free if given.

Dispute with allegations of a company

Initially, a company was involved in the translocation of trees. 18 trees were taken and planted in the vicinity of Shamshabad. It was also interested in transplantation trees that had been finalized for felling. This is where the controversy began. The company said that the authorities had asked them to pay Rs 8,000 per tree and if they were asked what the price would be if they went ahead to preserve the trees, the officials had misbehaved and thus withdrew from the translocation process. This has led to criticism of the process.

Officials announced that they were not the company, inviting others. To that extent, two other companies have translocated 40 trees, officials say. However, he said that they did not ask for Rs 8,000 and that they would have to face criticism if the trees were not taken and grown, so they had finalized a fee.

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