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IITH to organize ‘E-Summit 2021 – A Pragmatic Advent’ on 22nd – 24th January

It is one of the biggest entrepreneurship conclaves in India, aims to inspire and educate students inclined towards entrepreneurship

HYDERABAD: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad E-Cell are organizing ‘E-Summit 2021 – A Pragmatic Advent’ on 22nd-24th January 2020. One of the biggest Entrepreneurship Conclaves in India, E-Summit 2021 aims to inspire and educate students, Corporate inclined towards entrepreneurship and encourage early entrepreneurs to take and manage bigger risks.

The event is also intended at providing more insights of the business world to attendees from industry experts. It will be centered on the theme ‘A Pragmatic Advent’.  A series of talks and panel discussions have been scheduled to delve deeper into the idea of innovation itself, and what a startup needs to flourish in the market.

The E-Cell have initiated an outreach that covered more than 1,00,000 people. Over 100+ startups are expected to participate in this event.

Highlighting the unique aspects of ‘E-Summit 2021,’ Mr. Vaibhav Kumar, Head – E-Cell, IIT Hyderabad, said “E-Summit 2021” will witness a completely new perspective of ideas and solutions. This year was full of unprecedented events, and the global pandemic has affected every domain of work alike. It would be really interesting to know how different industries came out to cope up with such a scenario, what sorts of new opportunities have opened up, and what should be the plan for the coming years to achieve “A Pragmatic Advent””.

As part of this summit, a ‘Campus Ambassador Programme’ will be launched, providing students with an opportunity to be more closely associated with the event than just another participant. A Campus Ambassador will be the first contact between E-Summit and his/her college.

One reason to consider becoming a campus ambassador is that of the experience it offers. In this role, students will have the opportunity to build their skills, get internship opportunities, an official certificate, win exciting gifts and event passes, the chance to organize events and a chance to interact with the speakers and entrepreneurs.

Several competitions are being held as part of ‘E-Summit 2k21,’ including:

E-Pic(Elevator-Pitch): A competition where the contestant brings forward a business model/idea and presents it before the panel of judges, in an attempt to get funding for it.

Prize: INR 10k + Internship opportunities + Funding Opportunities+ more benefits;

Team Size: 1-3 members

Biz-Quiz: A quizzing competition with teams of 3, to check the knowledge of the business world and provide participants with some new insights, divided into prelims and final round.

Prize: INR 8k + more benefits;

Team Size: 1-3 members

Pitch-Showdown: A pitching competition, with a slight twist, distributed in two rounds. In the first round, all the teams would present their business model to solve the given problem statement, in front of judges and fellow participants. In the second round, the judges and other participants would question all the teams. The teams would be scored on their presentation and analysis and questioning from fellow participants.

Prize: INR 15k + Internship Opportunities + Funding Opportunities + more

Team Size: 1-3 members

Case Study: A competition where teams would have to analyse the business model of a real-world company, which would be intimated on spot. The teams have to find the flaws and problems the company might face or might be facing and present a viable solution for improvement.

Prize: INR 10k + Internship Opportunities + Funding Opportunities + more

Team Size: 1-3 members

 The Briefcase: The contestants will be assigned a fixed amount of virtual ‘money’ for investing. A list of companies along with a brief description of each one of them will be shared. The contestants have to invest their money judiciously with proper ‘pragmatic’ thinking. Contestants will be required to explain the reasons behind their choice of companies and the sum of money they choose to invest in the companies. The teams with the best approach towards investing will be victorious.

Prize: INR 10k + Internship Opportunities + Funding  opportunities + more benefits;

Team Size: 1-3 members

 Click on the following link to know more & register: https://esummit21.page.link/RegisterNow“.

The following Panel discussions have also been scheduled during this event:

  1. R&D in India post-COVID:
  • New challenges mean a new scope of invention and adaptation. Is there a dilemma of halting the R&D activities or not, citing the reduced money flow? What will be the scenario for the Research and Development field for the new India?
  1. Revitalization of the economy through startups:
  • India has recently seen a boom in the number of startups turning up every year. People are more and more interested in venturing out themselves. What does this mean for the Indian economy in the long run?
  1. Curing Economic Infection through Small Scale Industries:
  • The pandemic has especially hit the MSME sector adversely. Despite that, through government intervention, we have had examples of industries that have thrived and flourished despite these tough times.
  1. Foreign Market’s Interest in India:
  • India has become a one-stop-shop for all types of markets – from a radical economic point of view to sports and entertainment. What is it in India that it has become the centerpiece of foreign market outlook? What is in store for India in the future?
  1. The uprise of the internet-based entertainment and gaming industry:
  • The lockdown saw an expected but unprecedented upsurge in the viewership on the OTT platforms and Internet streaming services – gaming, movies, vlogs, series were on everyone’s list. How has the response to this been? Will this new market flow away with time, or is it here to stay?


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