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Single group ‘SMS’ information system across Singareni 

Initiation of the message stream Start with Chairman & MD Sankranthi Greetings

Hyderabad Public Relations Department, in association with the Singareni SAP (ERP) Division, will henceforth provide ‘SMS’ to all employees in Singareni with the intention of providing information to about 45,000 employees in Singareni as soon as possible. Special arrangements have been made for simultaneous delivery by.

As part of this, Singareni Chairman & M.D. Sankranthi greetings released by N. Sridhar were conveyed to the employees of Singareni through this group ‘SMS’ system.

So far this facility is being used only for giving monthly salary information. The group no longer uses the ‘SMS’ to send a summary of important information that workers need to reach out to the company.

The suggestion made by the chairman of the company to utilize the method was implemented from the wallpapers. SMS the number of employees who have not received the message relevant to their current cell once more to enter the mine or at the Department Mr. K. Ravi Shankar General Manager (Co-ordination) said in his statement.

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