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Forest official’s raids still continue on banned manjha (kite) sales

Ongoing searches by forest officials on the sale and consumption of banned manja (kite) in the vicinity of Hyderabad have been expanded. Illegal traders are selling banned manjha in support of festive traditions, and birds and animals are harming mankind. The forest department has taken special measures to prevent this.

Thirteen inspection teams set up under the supervision of OSD Mr. Shankaran on the orders of PCCF Mrs. R. Shobha. The teams have seized 111.5 kg of banned synthetic manjha, 557 km long, in raids conducted in the vicinity of Hyderabad over the past two days. Investigations are ongoing.

Under the supervision of FRO Mr. Ramesh, 13 special teams from Hyderabad and surrounding areas took part in the inspection. During a search of 200 shops on Wednesday, forest officials seized 18.5.5 km of 36.5 kg of manjha. During the inspections conducted today, about 20 kg of banned Manjha, about 100 km long, was seized from the sellers.

In addition to the sale and consumption of synthetic manjha, there is a growing awareness among traders and parents of the importance of taking precautions when flying kites, stating that children are at risk when flying kites. Forest officials are seeking the help of local NGOs in this regard.

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