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Singareni coal production now based on its own solar energy: Reduced Transco power usage will save Rs 21 Cr

Another 15 MW Singareni solar power generation started

Synchronized with Transco at Rmagundam-3 Area

Power plant to Fulfill 30% power needs of Rmagundam region

85 MW already Synchronized in the first phase

: Chairman and Managing Director N. Sridhar

Out of the 50 Megawatts Singareni solar power plant at Ramagundam-3 area, another 15 megawatts solar division was synchronized with TS TRANSCO today.

Mr. N. Sridhar IAS Chairman and Managing Director,SSCL has informed that already out of the 50 megawatts capacity plants, 15 megawatts has been synchronized with the grid on 27th November, with thus from Ramagundam-3 solar plant a total of 30 megawatts solar power has been synchronized with TRANSCO.  With this out of the 129 megawatts capacity in the first phase 85 megawatts Singareni solar power has been synchronized with TRANSCO.  The balance 20 megawatts division will be synchronized by the end of next month.  He congratulated the concerned officials and staff on the synchronization of 15 megawatts solar power.

300 Megawatts Singareni solar power to be ready by December this year

The first phase of the erection of Solar power plants throughout Singareni area is almost completed. 30 megawatts from Manuguru, 30 megawatts from Ramagundam-3, 15 megawatts from Yellandu and 10 megawatts from Singareni thermal power plant have already been synchronized with TRANSCO.  C & MD Mr. N. Sridhar instructed the Solar division officials that the4 balance 44 megawatts in the first phase is to be completed by the end of next month and erection of 90 megawatts plants in the second phase have to be completed by May,2021.

30% of usage through Solar power plants only in Ramagundam region

Director E & M D. Satyanarayana Rao synchronized the 15 megawatts division of Ramagundam-3 power plant today.  RG-3 area GM  K. Suryanarayana, GM Solar D.V.S.S.N. Raju, BHEL AGM Subhash Bhanwalkar participated in this program along with him.

If the 50 megawatss solar plant starts production fully by February end then it would meet 30% of power requirement in the 3 areas of Ramgundam Region.  Through this the company would be saving Rupees 178 lakhs monthly and rupees 21 crores yearly.

Ramagundam – 1,2,3 areas in Ramagundam region area, Asia’s biggest Long Wall along with 4 OC mines, In Pit crusher and Conveyor technology are available in OC-2 mine.  Company is requiring 2 crores 20 lakhs units of power for machinery use in 3 area.  Similarly, 40 lakh units power is required for various residential colonies in 3 area.

Company is purchasing 2 crore 60 lakh units of power from TS TRANSCO for its residential and machinery power requirements. Taking an average of Rs. 6 per unit, the company is spending Rs. 15.60 crores per month.  If the solar power generations begin with full capacity from the 50 megawatts plant then 72 lakh units of power would be available.  Purchase of power from TRANSCO could be reduced to this effect.  Since the cost of solar power is only Rs. 3.54 per unit on an average Rs. 178 lakhs per month and Rs. 21 crores years will be Singareni’s saving.

21.77 million units of Singareni solar power generated till now

21.77 million units of solar power has been generated from the 7 megawatts solar divisions of Singareni in the first phase by 19th January.  Power consumption from TRANSCO has been reduced to this effect.  Because of this Rs. 570 lakhs has already been saved.  Power generation – From January 10th till now 10 million units from the 10 megawatts solar power from Singareni Thermal power plant, From July 30th – 2020 10.66 million units from the 30 megawatts plant at Manuguru, From November 27th, 2020 – 7 lakhs 60 thousand units from the 15 megawatts division of Ramagundam-3, From 9th of last month – 2 lakh 90 thousand units of solar power from the 15 megawatts plant of Yellandu.

Since the Balance of 44 megawatts erection will be completed from the first phase of 129 megawatts, 18.55 million units’ solar power would be generated from the first phase plants by March.


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