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N. Sridhar as a commendable CMD of SCCL

CMD N Sridhar’s work in pushing Singareni on the path of development is commendable. N Sridhar, who has been the CMD for two terms now, has left an indelible mark on the best results as a committed IAS officer. Under the leadership of CM KCR, following his ideas and suggestions, he received good marks from the CM for providing the best services to lead the organization forward. This helped Sridhar to continue in the CMD post for the second time.

On the one hand, the progress of the company, other hand, the safety and welfare of the workers, employees, taking the necessary measures for a good reputation. Apart from surpassing the targets in coal production, Singareni has achieved records and ironed the reputation and crowns of the company at the national level.

Similarly, townships have been set up at Ramagundam and Sattupalli at a cost of Rs 333 crore to provide green model houses to Singareni employees. They are ready for the opening.

CMD’s initiative in persuading the government to give bonuses to workers and double pay to officials through new pay revisions is commendable.

The company has taken steps towards management by generating solar power in line with coal production and own electricity.

21.77 million units of Singareni solar power generated till now

21.77 million units of solar power has been generated from the 7 megawatts solar divisions of Singareni in the first phase by 19th January.  Power consumption from TRANSCO has been reduced to this effect.  Because of this Rs. 570 lakhs has already been saved.  Power generation – From January 10th till now 10 million units from the 10 megawatts solar power from Singareni Thermal power plant, From July 30th – 2020 10.66 million units from the 30 megawatts plant at Manuguru, From November 27th, 2020 – 7 lakhs 60 thousand units from the 15 megawatts division of Ramagundam-3, From 9th of last month – 2 lakh 90 thousand units of solar power from the 15 megawatts plant of Yellandu.

Since the Balance of 44 megawatts erection will be completed from the first phase of 129 megawatts, 18.55 million units’ solar power would be generated from the first phase plants by March.

Local public support for Naini coal mine at Odisha 

Apart from that, the decisions taken by the CMD for the expansion of the Singareni coal mines are bearing fruit today. As part of this, Singareni is fortunate that the Government of Odisha has succeeded in garnering the support of the local people in particular for the development of the Naini Coal Black in Odisha.

People extended their full support at the Environment Public hearing on yesterday  in the presence of Government officials for the huge ‘Naini’ coal block which is to be started by Singareni in Odisha State.

C & MD Mr. N. Sridhar expressed happiness on this and extended his thanks to Odisha Government officials, local people’s representatives and general public.  He said that since almost all the permissions with regard to Odisha Naini coal block are completed and the people’s opinion is also positive the mine is speedily moving towards coal production.  Target of 10 lakh tonnes of coal production has been decided from this mine in the coming financial year 2021-22 and all arrangements are being made for achieving this.

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