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AP: Continuous internet services to villages: CM Jagan

Review of internet connections in villages, distribution of laptops as an option under the Amma Odi scheme at the camp office by CM YS Jagan

IT and Industries Minister Mekapati Gautam Reddy, Industries and Commerce Special Chief Secretary Karikala Valavan, Housing Chief Secretary Ajay Jain, AP Transco CMD N Srikanth, AP Fiber Net Chairman P Gautam Reddy, AP Fiber Net Company MD M Madhu and others. Superiors attend.

Uninterrupted Network Objective: Ready to provide any level of connection: Internet Library at the Network Point in the Village.

Work-from-home facility in own homes: CM YS Jagan directs action

Amravati: During the review meeting, CM YS Jagan said the authorities have been directed to take necessary steps to provide uninterrupted internet services to the villages. The goal is to have an uninterrupted Internet, and cables should not be cut and disrupted.

The Internet system should be designed to overcome such problems: The CM said that an unlimited network should be set up for every village. .Internet connection from network point to house in the village Vyassar Jagannath wants to bring internet network in the colonies and prepare a plan to that extent. He said the idea was to carry an underground cable from the HT line to the substation and from the substation to the panchayats.

The CM asked the customers to take the unlimited network to the gram panchayat and give them any capacity connection they want. The CM said that action should be taken to set up a proper system to provide internet connection to every household in the village from the panchayat.

Laptops as an option in ‘Amma Odi’:

Amma Odi, CM review on providing laptops to those who want as an option among the beneficiaries of accommodation

Laptops are an option for students in grades 9 through 12, and beyond

The CM directed to think of laptops with more specifications to fully cater to the needs of students pursuing engineering and other technical disciplines. He asked to be prepared to give away laptops by next year’s ‘Amma Odi’ payments.

If the laptop breaks down, it should be given to the ward and village secretariats to be repaired on weekdays, or replaced so that the company maintains maintenance for three years rather than one year.

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