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KCR should keep its word and sanction Rs 1,000 Cr to Sangareddy Medical College: Jagga Reddy demand

Before your son becomes CM

Hyderabad: Legislator Thurupu Jaggareddy has demanded that Sangareddy set up a medical college before his son becomes the CM and keep the promise given by KCR by sanctioning Rs 1000 crore. He was speaking at a press meet held at Gandhi Bhavan today.

He said that KCR had promised to set up a medical college for Sangareddy in the Sangareddy Medical Assembly and demanded that a medical college be set up in Sangareddy to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore. The MLA was asked to respond to the rumors that the CM was changing that the medical college would be postponed again and that the CM would give the medical college this year.

If KTR is the CM … Jaggareddy questioned whether the promise given by KCR will be implemented or not. However KTR CM. Jagga Reddy doubted that the medical college issue would come first. Sangareddy people asked the medical college to pay Rs 1,000 crore as per his promise before your son became CM. It took iden- tities to fight for the implementation of the promise given by the CM, but he added that people are afraid of how many times the fifth will come again.

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