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Kerala Tourism Innovation: Bernie Saunders shares a memory to invite you to Munnar

In their viral post, Bernie Saunders shared a picture from the opening day of Kerala Tourism, photo shopped in a picturesque location in Munnar. The scene was uploaded on Twitter.

The Bernie Sanders meme has swiftly become social media’s favourite, so much so, that it also found a place in Kerala Tourism’s new post on Twitter. On Inauguration Day at the US Capitol on Wednesday, Bernie Sanders made headlines for his rather grumpy pose. Seated alone, dressed in a winter jacket and patterned mittens, the US Senator watched Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being sworn in as the President and Vice President of the United States respectively.

Soon enough, social media users used Bernie Sanders’s picture to create memes and flooded Twitter with it. Kerala Tourism also posted a Bernie Sanders meme to illustrate their point.

Midle of the post

In their new post, Kerala Tourism shared Bernie Sanders’s picture from Inauguration Day, photo shopped at a picturesque location in Munnar.

“Wear your warm woollen mittens and enjoy the cool crisp Munnar weather,” Kerala Tourism said in the caption of their post. Munnar is a hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala.

Kerala Tourism’s post has gone viral on social media with over 14,000 likes with social media users sharing their own version of Bernie Sanders memes in the comments section.

The Bernie Sanders meme has become so popular that a crewneck sweatshirt featuring it is now on sale in the US for USD 45 or Rs 3,288. It was sold out within minutes of being made available online.

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