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  e-NAM online platform to be a giant leap in reforming the agriculture market in India

National Agriculture Market portal e-NAM helped in realizing the vision of “One Nation, One Market” for Agri-produce

Expansion of Integration of 1000 new mandis;

approx. 1.69 crore farmers and 1.55 Lakh traders registered on e-NAM platform;

The pan-India Agriculture trading portal e-NAM was an innovative initiative in agricultural marketing to enhance farmer’s accessibility digitally to multiple numbers of markets & buyers and to bring transparency in trade transactions with the intent to improve price discovery mechanism, quality commensurate price realization and also to develop the concept of “One Nation One Market” for agriculture produce.

Better market linkage was provided under e-NAM by Integrating 1000 markets across 18 States and 3 UT. So far, more than 1.69 crore Farmers & 1.55 Lakh traders registered on e-NAM platform. The online and transparent bidding system is encouraging farmers to increasingly trade on e-NAM platform. Total trade volume of 4.13 Crore MT of bulk commodities & 3.68 crore numbers of Coconut & Bamboo worth approximately Rs 1.22 Lakh crore has been recorded  on e-NAM platform. Direct payment to Farmers was enabled in this platform.

Looking to the success of e-NAM in its 1000 mandis, it is now on a path of expansion as announced by finance minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman in the Union Budget released on 1st February, 2021, i.e to further integrate 1000 more mandis with e-NAM, this will further strengthen the mandis.

“e-NAM is not just a scheme but it’s a journey which aims to benefit the last mile farmer and transform the way they sell their agri produce. This intervention brings immense benefits to our farmers in augmenting their incomes by enabling them to realize competitive & remunerative prices in a transparent manner without incurring additional costs”

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