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Hyderabad: Governor congratulates Green Brigadier Shiva: Call on students to come forward to save trees

State Governor Tamil Sai lauded the initiative of B. Shiva, an 8th class student of Saidabad Vaishali Colony, who provided details of their whereabouts of those who had ruthlessly axed a huge green neem tree and left no traces of it. The student summoned Shiva to his chamber and learned about the student’s interest in nature and the environment.

The governor was shocked to find out for himself how Shiva had acted as a responsible person, regardless of whether it was a tree or not. We could not help but congratulate student Shiva after learning that the forest department had imposed a hefty fine of Rs 62,000 on those responsible.

An eighth class student Shiva acted responsibly and complained

Locals in Hyderabad and Saidabad have hit a huge neem tree that is obstructing the construction of a house. In addition to knocking down a forty-year-old neem tree at night, attempts were also made to move the timber so that the landmarks could not be seen and to burn the tree landmarks.

An eighth grade student who noticed the incident in the wee hours of the morning called the Forest Department toll free number (1800 425 5364). He introduced himself as the Green Brigadier and asked for action against those who hit a large tree near their home.

Forest Department East officials who conducted the investigation confirmed the tree felling without permission. Those responsible were fined Rs 62,075 and charged. The boy who acted responsibly and complained was congratulated by the forest department officials.

Governor Tamil Sai congratulated student Shiva, their parents Vaishali and Venkataiah in the Governor’s Chamber today. Student Shiva was especially appreciated and called upon every student to take responsibility not only for preserving the plants but also for those who destroy the evergreens. Memento was presented and honored with the Oxford Dictionary.

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