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Ongoing ICG mitigation measures of Great ship Rohini caught fire

Fire fighting operation: Great ship Rohini off Bombay High

An OSV, Great ship Rohini with 18 crew onboard reported fire onboard                         AM 13 Feb 21 while the ship was 92 Nautical Miles North –West off Mumbai, near the NQO Platform of Mumbai High. While one crew reported with fire injury was evacuated and disembarked ashore by ONGC helicopter at Mumbai for medical treatment,                 three others were reported missing and trapped in the engine room.

On receipt of the information, Coast Guard Operation Centre Mumbai, diverted Offshore Patrol Vessel Samarth to the scene of action. Simultaneously, CG Dornier aircraft was launched for assessment of the situation.  CG Ship Samarth reached area at 1335 hrs on 13 Feb 21 and took over as On Scene Coordinator. Initially, MV Albatross-5 operating in vicinity, tied up a hawser from forecastle of Great ship Rohini and pulled her out to safe location from NQO platform rig.

ICGS Samarth with its advance External Fire Fighting system in coordination with OSV Priya 27, established boundary cooling for controlling the spread of fire. Due to excessive heat and smoke the crew of Great ship Rohini were unable to enter the engine room, where the fire had started.

The Boarding Team from ICG Ship Samarth boarded the vessel for carrying out situation assessment. However, the efforts of the team were impinged due to heat and heavy smoke gushing out of engine room. Fire fighting efforts were restricted due to non-availability of power supply onboard.

Meanwhile, Pollution Control Vessel Samudra Praheri was sailed out to reach scene of incident to augment the fire fighting and rescue efforts. The ship reached area at              1930 hrs on 13 Feb 21. 14 crew of the distressed vessel were safely evacuated to              ICGS Samudra Praheri. ETV Water Lily was directed by DG Shipping for augmenting the rescue & salvage efforts with Foam for Fire Fighting.

The firefighting and boundary cooling continued for over 24 hrs by ICGS Samudra Praheri alongwith OSV Priya-23 and ETV Water Lily. On 14 Feb 21, OSV Great ship Ahilya also joined the operation for augmenting the SAR efforts. Support vessels in area were Priya-27, Seamac-2, Priya-23, Great Ship Anjali and Great ship Dipti.

Specialist Damage Control and Fire Fighting team comprising of 11 ICG Personnel (including 02 Officers and 09 EP) and 08 Personnel of distressed vessel (Master, Chief Engineer, Second Officer, Chief Officer and 04 crew) embarked the vessel at about 0800 hrs on 14 Feb 21 for deflooding and further damage assessment.

Specialist team reported no visible signs of fire or smoke from the engine room and state of vessel to be stable. All 14 rescued crew were transferred to OSV Great ship Dipti for passage to Mumbai.

The distressed vessel is presently being towed by another OSV Great ship Anjali under the escort of ICGS Samudra Prahari and other support vessels. The vessel is likely to reach Mumbai PM 15 Feb 21. Condition of the vessel is being monitored closely.



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