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Visakhapatnam: Vizag Zoo celebrates World Pangolin Day

On the occasion of World Pangolin Day, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam organized an awareness program for school children about endangered species and Indian Pangolin.

Pangolin is an endangered species and is listed in Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act 1972. We all have a responsibility to save this endangered species around the world. Pangolins are very helpful in keeping the biodiversity of the earth in order. Pangolins are the only mammals that are covered with scales. Surprisingly, they have soft, pink underbelly. This vulnerable spot is completely protected when they roll into a defensive ball.

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They are shy, solitary and mostly nocturnal creatures. They have poor eye sight and hearing ability but their sense of smell is acute. They help to maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem by eradicating insects and aerating the soil. Unfortunately these harmless creatures are most trafficked mammals in the world.

They are trafficked for their meat and scales which has no medicinal properties, Dr. Nandani Salaria, IFS. Curator, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam expressed in her speech. About 40 students from different schools participated in the awareness program. And they got to know about pangolin in detail about their life, behaviour, feeding habits and the various threats to their species. Certificates were given to the students for their participation in event.

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