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AP: Vizag Zoo celebrates World Wildlife Day

We have a responsibility to protect the wildlife around us, said Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Curator Nandani Salaria. An awareness program was organized at the Indira Gandhi Zoo Park on the occasion of World Wildlife Day. About 80 students between the ages of 7 and 27 participated in this awareness program. In this awareness program students got to know about the wildlife in the Vizag Zoo, the biodiversity of the butterflies, some of the common myths about snakes and the facts behind them.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park organized a zoo tour and explained to the students about the animals in the zoo, their diet and other interesting things. Curator Nandani Salaria said that the zoos take a lot of initiative in conserving wildlife. She also said that students should take the lead in protecting the creatures around us from an early age.

That all living beings in our nature need to be in balance which means that wildlife needs many creatures around us, so the responsibility to protect them is also ours, she added. She said that not only the living beings on the earth but also the living beings in the sea should be protected and plastic waste should be eliminated from the sea. Students enthusiastically participated in a quiz program on Wildlife after the seminar.

Curator Nandani Salaria presented prizes to the quiz winners. Participation certificates were presented to all participants.    The signature campaign program organised at the main entrance of the zoo park impressed the visitors. Students and visitors enthusiastically participated in this signature campaign event organized on the theme “I express my support in protecting Wildlife”.

Earlier, the program started with the first signature of Curator Nandani Salaria and then visitors signed stating that we will also take the lead in wildlife conservation. This banner with pictures of wildlife impresses everyone. She said that this program was organised here to create awareness among the people on wildlife conservation.    

The event was followed by a webinar on wildlife conservation in Andhra Pradesh. Senior scientists from the Wildlife Institute of India, Andhra Pradesh Forest Department officials, NGO representatives and aspiring researchers participated in the webinar. Panellists discussed about what measures have been taken for wildlife conservation so far & what measure should be taken in future.

Students from INS Kalinga School visited the zoo on the occasion of World Wildlife Day. Placards on wildlife conservation were displayed. Then they are participated in a seminar on marine life and their conservation.


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