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Singareni : 2 lakh tonnes of coal produced per day in March and April: CMD

Mr. N. Sridhar C & MD Singareni given instructions to GMs of all areas that in March of this financial year and April the next month, 2 lakh tonnes of coal production has to be achieved and at the same time follow all quality standards as well as safety.  He held a review meeting with Directors at Kothagudem and GMs of all areas through video conference on Wednesday (March 3rd) at Hyderabad Singareni Bhavan.

He said that it is difficult to sell coal if required quality is not maintained in the present competitive market and hence quality standards have to be maintained.  Similarly, there should be no compromise on safety without any constraints on cost.  Measures are to be taken from now itself to face the challenges due to the upcoming rainy season.  All areas are to be ready to achieve a record 700 lakh tonnes of production in the coming financial year and also cover the losses due to Covid.

Demand for Singareni coal is increasing as Industries are recovering after Covid.  No mines are to be closed in the coming year; coal production will increase gradually from new mines.  Hence, all conditions are favourable for at least 700 lakh tonnes of coal production and transport.  All areas are to be ready to achieve targets from this April itself.

He requested all the GMs to be good leaders and he is open to accept any proposal which is good for the Company.  Hence, all GMs should come forward with unique proposals to achieve targets and solve problems.

Director (Operations & PAW) Sri. S. Chandrashekar, Director (Finance & P&P) Sri. N. Balaram, Director (E&M) Sri. D. Satyanarayana participated in the meeting from Kothagudem head office. ED Coal movement Sri. J. Allwyn, Advisor (mining) Sri. D.N. Prasad, Advisor (Forestry) Sri. K. Surendra Pandey, GM (Co-ordination) Sri. K. Ravishankar, GM (Marketing) Sri. K. Suryanarayana from Hyderabad office and GMs of all areas participated in the meeting.

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