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NITHM celebrates Women’s Day

National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management (NITHM), celebrated Women’s Day today 08th Mar 2021 at 3:30 pm. The lady’s guests of honor were 1) Smt. Satarupa Datta Central Government Officer at Incredible India 2) Smt. Shibani Malhotra General Manager, Marriott Executive Apartment (Hyd)  3) Smt. Regina Vincent Transformation, Corporate Trainer, Executive & Empowerment Coach. 4)  Smt. Vedapriya Reddy, Interpersonal Relationship Therapist.

The program began with the lighting of the lamp with a prayer song. Director Nithm, Dr. S.Chimman Reddy then welcomed and thanked all the lady dignitaries for their time. In his message said that Morning Prayer is very important for each of us, to get the strength to take our day forward. He also thanked the women staff of Nithm, for their contribution towards the growth of Nithm. Director NITHM along with Principal Mr.V Narendra Kumar facilitated the guests.

Smt. Satarupa Datta: Began with wishing Happy People’s day, instead of Women’s day. She mentioned that Respect is very important and women need to be respected. Housewives are stronger even though they are just taking care of their family and are not career-oriented. Economic independence is important to have a career and lastly, without men’s support, it’s not possible. Therefore Men support women as they need to.

Ms. Shibani Malhotra: Began with the spelling of WOMEN, and mentioned there is a MAN inside. Women are privileged to bring forth man into the world. Personal upbringing and professional upbringing are very important in a women’s life. Doing small chores and being independent for family matters a lot. Always Believe in yourself; Nature yourself what you want to be,

always be curious Ask questions it can actually take you places where you want to be.

Smt. Regina Vincent: In her message said that “Women have risen due to the past history and should be honored and respected” There is no disparity – it’s all in one’s mind. So we need to venture into our dreams and reach out to achieve them. Lastly, she said that we need to bring a smile to all in our family and requested each student to wish their women – family member a happy women’s day. *Each of us male or female can be self-empowered to grow and achieve success.

Smt. Vedapriya Reddy: Began with playing a game to wake up all the audience, she said that the Real me & Ideal me are two different – many of us are unable to bring out the real me; so we need to find ourselves. And it’s important to also give something back to experience real happiness – It is when you share and part with anything wholeheartedly without counting its returns, that brings immense joy and satisfaction to a human, In conclusion, both ladies and gentlemen Let you be You!

All the dignitaries wished the ladies a Happy Women’s day.  A lovely traditional dance performance by Ms. M.Vaishnavi, a BBA 2nd yr student helped our audience smile more. Thereafter also the lady staff of NITHM also were honored for their dedicated services and facilitated by the guests of honor. The program ended with a vote of thanks rendered by the Principal of NITHM.

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