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If you cut down the trees, we are now planting trees: CM KCR

CM KCR in the assembly on the Harithaharam program for Telangana

Harithaharam  spoke of mocking the program. But the central government and the minister reported to Parliament. He said that forests in Telangana have increased by 3.46 per cent. The greenery program is a torch bearer for the whole country today. In your time (oppositions) trees are not planted unless they are cut down.

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If you cut down the trees, we are now planting trees. That’s the difference between us and you. There should be sixty six lakh acres of forest land in Telangana. The forests are gone without anyone witnessing it. You nurtured smugglers. Deforestation with professional smugglers in Manthani and Adilabad areas.

Now again we have taken the Forest Rejuvenation program exclusively. We are trying to make Telangana green by revitalizing the forests at a cost of thousands of crores of rupees. We will solve the problem of podu lands soon.CM KCR in assembly

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