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Narendra Modi launches Jalashakti Abhiyan ‘Catch the Rain’ program

Every drop of water that falls on the ground must be washed away and turned into groundwater

Awareness programs on water conservation from March 22 to November 30

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday formally launched a massive nationwide campaign titled ‘Catch the Rain’ to mark World Water Day and raise groundwater levels via video conference from Delhi.

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The program was launched to make all the people partners in making full use of rain water in all rural urban areas across the country. This special event called Catch the Rain will be held across the country from today i.e. 22nd of this month till 30th of November. Special schemes will be implemented village wise to create awareness among the people on water conservation and make full use of rain water.

Speaking at the launch of the event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a video conference that everyone recognizes the need for water conservation and the need to protect every drop of water that falls on the ground. Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people to work towards raising the groundwater level by conserving large quantities of rainwater harvesting structures at the village and town level and by pumping it into the ground.

The video conference from the Amravati Secretariat was attended by Chief Secretary to Government Aditya Nath Das, Special Secretary to the Government Praveen Kumar, Chief Secretary for Women and Child Welfare AR Anuradha, Special Secretary to the Forest Department Dr Chalapathi Rao and others.

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