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TSWREIS launches Sabala Hubs

Marginalized women are grossly

Under represented in the business landscape for various  structural and societal barriers. One of the insurmountable hurdles women face today  is  lack of skills and confidence to start a business, says Dr Praveen Kumar, Secretary, TSWREIS while speaking at the launch of Sabala Hubs (Women Entrepreneurial Clubs)  to promote and exchange business  ideas.  Secretary further said that “the idea behind the setting up of Sabala Hubs is to develop  an entrepreneurial mind set among young women of degree colleges and TSWREIS alumni

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TSWREIS  in collaboration with VREAP (Volunteers for  Rural Entrepreneurs) and AWESUM (Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs)  organizations to take the Sabala Hubs to the next level.

While thanking the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for launching 45 residential degree colleges for women, Dr Kumar said starting ‘Sabala Hubs’ is an historic step in breaking the glass ceiling in the  business landscape of India. Dr Kumar thanked minister for social welfare Koppula Eeshwar for his approval for the project.

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