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Indrakaran Reddy Released Book Faunal Diversity in Telangana state

Mr. Allola Indrakaran Reddy, Hon’ble Minister of State for Endowments, Law and Forest, Environment, Science and Technology, Govt. of Telangana, Ms. R. Sobha IFS, PCCF, Govt. of Telangana, and Dr Kailash Chandra, Director, ZSI, released yesterday two ZSI publications 1.  “Current status of Faunal Diversity of Telangana” and 2.  Faunal diversity of Bhoj Wetland-A Ramsar in a function at Aranya Bhavan.organisedby Zoological Survey of India, Fresh water Biology Regional Centre, Hyderabad.

Zoological Survey of India, Freshwater Biology Regional Centre, Hyderabad has taken up projects to study the fauna of various wetlands under its jurisdiction. Recently, the centre also started to study the faunal diversity of various conservation areas. The faunal resources of such areas have been published from time to time by the Director, ZSI. Scientists of Zoological Survey of India are engaged in studying and documenting the taxonomy and systematic of fauna of the country at different ecosystems.

It’s our honour to release two ZSI publications by hands of our Honourable Minister in presence of all eminent personalities.

First book on “Current status of Faunal Diversity of Telangana” authored by our respected Director and others scientists of Freshwater Biology Regional Centre, Hyderabad. Various faunal groups from the State of undivided Andhra Pradesh have been published from time to time during 1993 to 2008 in 8 faunal volumes. After bifurcation, there are some publications on individual faunal groups in various scientific journals, but in scattered form. It is strongly believed that it will stimulate further exploration of the resources of the States.

This book emphasises on fauna of Telangana, the state was earlier referred to as Trilinga Desa which is located in the centre of the Deccan plateau and western part of Eastern Ghats. It has widely different type of forest which covers around 26,969.48 sq.km of geographical area, which also includes12 protected areas of the state which include 7 wildlife sanctuaries and 3 national parks and 2 tiger reserves covering an area of 5692.48 sq. Km.  This state is also endowed with rich floral and faunal diversity.

Current publication reports about 2450 faunal species from the state, belonging to 1440 genera accommodated under 456 families and 125 orders of 45 different faunal groups including vertebrates and invertebrates. Among these 1744 species are invertebrates and 706 are vertebrates Also 82 endemic fauna has been documented.

The group wise faunal composition shows that phylum Arthropods has 52% of state fauna which includes Arachnid, Crustacean and Insect. Further, it cannot be claimed that this is the final account of total biodiversity of the Telangana State as most of the districts and some other faunal groups are still remained unexplored. Further intensive field exploration will hopefully increase the number of species and groups.

The current work provides baseline information on faunal diversity of the state, which could help in preparation of strategies for better management and conservation of biodiversity of the state.

Second Book on Faunal diversity of Bhoj wetland-A Ramsar site going to be release today

A little note on it:

Wetlands are ecologically as well as economically essential systems which harbour precious natural resources and play a crucial role in the various hydrological cycle, carbon sequestration, and global greenhouse gas emission. Currently, there are around 2,375 Ramsar sites around the world; of them, India has 42 Ramsar sites. Bhoj wetland is one of the Ramsar site, which is a unique human-made wetland, in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Zoological Survey of India under its mandate attempted to study the Faunal Diversity of Bhoj Wetland, Madhya Pradesh. During three years of the project, surveys were conducted in 16 randomly selected sampling sites. The collection of various freshwater and terrestrial faunal species were made using standard methodologies.

A total of 1,060 species belonging to 751 genera and 285 families are reported and documented in the book. Of these, 518 species are invertebrates, and 542 species pertaining to vertebrates including fishes (86 species),  amphibians (9 species), reptiles (43 species) birds (357 species), and mammals (32 species). The consolidated information will serve as a useful aid to researchers and managers for formulating policies in effective conservation and management planning of the ecological restoration of the Bhoj Wetland.

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