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HMWSSB: Criminal case against 3 outsourced employees for collaborating on illegal tap connection

HMWSSB Vigilance officials have registered a case against HMWSSB Outsourcing Linemen, an outsourcing meter reader and another outsourcing employee for collaborating with three persons who had illegally obtained a tap connection from a water supply pipeline. Going into details ..

Raju, a resident of Mylar Dev Palli, TNGO Colony House No. 8-12-413, illegally took a 15mm tap connection with the help of local outsourcing line men Venkatesh without the permission of the authorities.

Venkatesh, an outsourced lineman, filed a case under sections 269,430 of the IPC at the local Mylardev Palli police station, along with his employer, who went out as part of an investigation by HMWSSB vigilance officers.

On the other side is IDPL, Gandhinagar house no. 27-63 / 1 / A Surendar Kumar, a resident of Gaddam Ravi and house No. 27-13, was taken illegally with the help of local water outsourcing meter reader Kamil Boy and another outsourcing employee Chandra Shekhar Illegally 15mm tap connection was taken with assistance.

However, water board officials have registered criminal cases under sections 269,430 of the IPC at the Bala Nagar police station against the outsourced employees who collaborated with the owners. Water board officials warned on the occasion that criminal cases would be registered if illegal tap connections were taken without the permission of the authorities.

Anyone identified as having illegal tap connections, taking a domestic connection and using it for commercial purposes can call the HMWSSB Vigilance team at 9989998100, 9989992268.

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