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EFLU English Club organizes a talk on Kalidasa’s classic

The English Club under the aegis ofThe English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, organized an online event “In the Company of a Classic” today.

Prof. T. T. Sreekumar, a renowned scholar and also theHead of the Department of Communication, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, EFLUand theDirector -in -charge, Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC)delivered a lecture on Kalidāsā’sKumārasambhavaṃ, a work which is widely recognized as the finest kāvya poem in classical Sanskrit.

Prof. Sreekumar provided an  overview of Kalidasa’s works focusing on his poetic imagination and its social imaginaries  followed by a close discussion of Kalidasa’s celebrated Sanskrit Kavya ‘Kumarasambhavam’ delineating some quintessential features of its poetic form against the larger backdrop of the aesthetic and social concerns that informed Kalidasa’s poetics in general. The important tangents of Kalidasa’s works with respect to the way in which he negotiated the social institutions of his times were also part of the discussion.

The University, under the leadership of Prof. E. Suresh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, EFLU, and Member, University Grants Commission, has been organizing a series of online lectures and webinars at its headquarters in Hyderabad and in its Regional Campuses in Lucknow andShillong.

The participants included faculty, students, and scholars from across the country; the interaction was lively.


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