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Election feverish pitch in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, electioneering is going on in a feverish pitch, as the election officials are readying themselves for the single phase polling on the 6th of April. Adding colour to the campaign in the state are the film stars who are either contesting as the candidates or canvassing for votes as the star campaigners of political parties.

in the democratic festival of elections, mega size banners, flex boards and larger than life sized PVC cut outs used to dot the public spaces, especially in Tamil Nadu in the past. But a judicial ban has effectively checked the trend. However, the festival is not without its own glitter and colour, as there are several film stars in the fray, either as the contestants or as the star campaigners, representing almost all the major camps.

Notable among them are the stars like Kamal Haasan, Vijaya Kanth, Seeman, Kushboo and the list is quite long. Some of them are chief ministerial aspirants as well. Tamil Nadu has for long been a political turf for the matinee idols.

Quite many of them succeeded in both films and politics, while the political career of many others ended up just as a bubble. In the current electoral battle also, there is the glamour of the cine world. As it is the case for long, this is also in short a star-studded election.


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