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AP: Indian post’s signs MoU with Dept of Stamps and Registrations for selling of Non Judicial Stamp Papers

The Non-judicial stamp papers in the state will now be available at the post offices. The Department of Stamps and Registrations has decided to sell these at post offices as well so that people can easily get stamp papers. An MOU has already been signed with the Postal Department on this. Stamp papers of Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50 and Rs.100 denominations are currently available at 1,952 licensed stamp vendors across the state.

Sometimes there is a shortage of these stamp papers and people are in trouble and there are allegations that these are being sold on the block to increase demand by creating artificial shortages. In addition, there is a shortage of stamp papers in some areas due to non-availability of the same number of stamp vendors in all districts.

In this context, the Department of Registrations believes that the Post Office is the best way for people to easily obtain stamp papers and has taken steps accordingly. The state currently has 1,568 post offices at the zonal level. There are 2 to 3 post offices functioning in each mandal. Apart from these, there are over 10 thousand post offices at the village level.

Arrangements are currently being made for the sale of stamp papers at zonal level post offices. In the first phase, the Department of Registrations granted licenses to sell stamp papers to 700 post offices. The remaining 868 post offices will be licensed in the second phase. In the third phase, it will be put up for sale at village level post offices as well. Stamp papers worth Rs. 15 crore will be put up for sale through post offices in first two phases.

MV Seshagiri Babu, Commissioner of department of Stamps and registrations have said that the state have entered into an agreement with the post offices to make non-judicial stamp papers more accessible to the public.

“We will first start sales at zonal level post offices and then look into the issue of sales at village level post offices where possible,” he said. He further added that this will ensure that there is no shortage of stamp papers and sales become easier and revenue to the government increases.

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