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‘Massacre’ to the Keesara forest

The massacre took place at Keesara forest, a short distance from the Medchal-Malkajgiri district collectorate. Huge number of trees were cut down by Green Leaf Ventures, a resident of Keesara Mandal Bommaras Pet, hosted the event.

It is deplorable that at least the forest department does not have permission to cut down trees on a large scale despite the fact that it is private lands. Environmentalists are concerned that this forest ‘massacre’ is taking place within the HMDA.

While large-scale deforestation is taking place within the state capital of Hyderabad, there are differences over the supervision of forest officials.

Keesara Forest Department officials said that a case has been registered under the Walta Act against the owners of the ventures who cut down the trees heavily without the permission of the forest department besides the forest department officials were busy calculating the amount of fine to be charged. .

More than 500 large trees belonging to valuable species such as teak have been felled, while others are ready to be felled. The question of how reasonable it is to cut down trees that have been planted under the name Green Leaf Ventures is being asked everywhere.

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