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Telangana: Forest Department is ready for mass transfers of DFO’s

The forest department has started drills for mass transfers of DFOs who have been working in the same place for a long time across the state in the Telangana forest department. The latest information is that the department officials have decided to complete the transfer thread by the end of this month, though there is a slight delay in the transfer process in the wake of the current budget deals.

According to the authorities, it seems that the state of Telangana has decided to transfer the DFOs who have been performing duties in one place since its inception. According to government regulations a transfer after three years is inevitable.

However, the department has prepared for the transfers of long-standing DFOs, who are thought to be limping government programs due to the lack of any transfers other than promotions and deputations. As part of this, transfers of 20 to 30 DFOs will be inevitable.

Despite this, DFOs have been busy trying to secure a priority post in the upcoming transfers to shortly. DFO’s are waiting for the blessings of superiors.


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