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Trees translocation on both sides of Gandipeta-Sankarapally R and B road has finally been resolved.

The solution finally found is a boon to the environment

Hyderabad: Following the proposed road-widening by the R&B department of 2.5 km stretch here, a total of 286 trees are likely to be axed. Several voluntary organisations have come forward for the translocation of the trees and distribute them amongst denizens.

Ever since the enumeration of these trees by the department on the Gandipet main road towards Shankarpally, a city-based NGO Vata Foundation has voluntarily offered to translocate the trees. Some environment enthusiasts are welcoming the idea to adopt the trees and waiting for the official nod.

A majority of the trees located on this stretch belongs to species such as peltophorum, subabul, sissoo (Indian Rosewood), and eucalyptus, banyan, neem, millingtonia, and pongamia.

Speaking to The Hans India, Uday Krishna, the founder of Vata Foundation, said, “Of 286 trees only 42 trees are allowed to be translocated, but remaining 244 will be felled.

So, we have asked permission for translocating remaining trees also free of cost. Even many citizens have agreed to adopt all the fully-grown trees at their own expense. These trees were to be felled under a proposed road-widening project that converts a two-lane road to an eight-lane road at Gandipet, towards Shankarpally.”

“For every single tree that the department wants to cut we have a citizen waiting to adopt. In spite of that why is R&B department reluctant to permit? When the NGO approached them, they are saying the tenders for felling tree have already been awarded.”

Even the Forest department officials of Shamshabad have said that they informed the R&B department that if anyone came forward to translocate, first preference should be given to them. The R&B department is not giving its nod.

We are running against time. It appears we are already past favourable weather for translocation. For the sake of 200 trees the works should be postponed to July,” added Uday.

The Hans India tried to contact the R&B officials on the issue, but there was no response.

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