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Telangana: Special arrangements in forest areas for wild animals getting drinking water in hot summer

Summer has arrived and the sound of pare celery can be heard in the forest areas. Wild animals must travel hundreds of kilometres for water or water in dry streams. But that was once a saying … Animals also enjoy the hot season as special arrangements are made for the drinking water of the animals living in the forest and drinking water is available only in the safe areas where they live. This is the current word.

Efforts by the Telangana forest department to provide drinking water sources such as saucer pits and solar bore wells where animals live in the summer to quench the thirst of wildlife in the forests are yielding the expected results.

The forest department has made special arrangements for the animals in kavval,Amrabed,Eturunagaram,pochram,kinnerasani  protected forest areas across the state, All the sanctuaries have set up about 800 saucer pits where water supply is not adequate and they are constantly being filled with water. This allows nearby animals to meet their drinking water needs.

Similarly, 300 solar bore wells are being set up in some places to make drinking water available. A large number of trap cameras set up near water bodies in different forest areas captured the camera capturing scenes of different fauna.

Similarly, only 20 per cent of the 5,000 check dams will have access to drinking water. Apart from that, about 1000 wells have been set up in the ditches in the forest area to provide drinking water to the wildlife, a senior forest official said.

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