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This crow knows that humans have lost the sense of shame: Swachh Bharat Crow

The human race, which blows its trumpets in the name of greenery and cleanliness, will not be ashamed to look at the crow in the end. Any activity undertaken in the name of Swachhbharat will stumble before this crow. The video posted by IFS officer Sushant Das on his Twitter has gone viral.

We have read in the books of the crow’s attempt for water. But not read live. However, we are somewhat enlightened by the way he filled his pot with pebbles for drinking water and continued his quest until the water came up, quenching his thirst. Everyone knows that..

Now present, the crow has placed a high priority on the cleanliness of a crow’s environment by awakening the human race to cleanliness by collecting and placing one by one the waste food items such as paper pieces lying around it rather than in the dust bin.

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