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Tough measures to deceive the unemployed in the name of Singareni: CMD

Singareni Chairman and Managing Director Sri. N. Sridhar who has always been concentrating on coal production and staff welfare and has taken the company as the No. of company in India has now, turned his focus on fraudsters who are doing nefarious activities using the name of Singareni.

He has decided that severe action will be taken on fraudsters who are cheating the unemployed and the employees of Singareni.  He has decided to strengthen the vigilance department so that the benefits given by Singareni for the unemployed youth in Telangana are not miss utilized.

He passed instructions that strict action be taken against those involved in corruption using the name of Singareni. It has been principally decided to set up a vigilance department at Godavari khani in close proximity to Ramagundam and Bellampally regions where more than 50% of employees of Singareni are working.  Already a few employees have been fired who have been implicated for defrauding the workers.

Innocents cheated with bogus certificates

As per the instructions of the Chief Minister Sri. K. Chandrashekar Rao, CMD Sri. N. Sridhar passed orders for the appointment of a few compassionate appointments.  At the same time instructions were issued for appointment of nearly 4000 Telangana unemployed youth for regular appointment.  Many other social welfare activities were also announced.  As many of the Singareni employees are uneducated, some fraudsters took advantage of this and promised them medically unfit certificates and get jobs for their heirs.

Many fraudsters are cheating unemployed youth of Telangana promising them jobs in Singareni claiming that they know some high officials in Singareni.  Not just this, these fraudsters went a step ahead and issued bogus appointment letters to the unemployed.  The management has decided to take strict action against those creating these bogus appointment letters.  It also suggested the youth to be wary of such fraudsters.

Singareni recruitment examinations and medical boards

In reality after the notification is issued for employment in Singareni, question paper is prepared in complete secrecy and the experts after preparing the question paper keep it away from the eyes of the world and from other communication channels.

The results are also announced on the same day by 9 pm to avoid any possibility of tampering if declared late.  The results are then declared on Singareni’s website.  No other competitive exams are declared on the same day.  Employees and unemployed who are unaware of such strict measures taken by Singareni for the medically unfit process fall prey and get cheated by fraudsters.

Putting an end to these fraudsters

Singareni recently issued notification for Fitter trainee, electrician trainee, welder trainee, turner trainee, machinist, molder, junior staff nurse and other posts.  Every month medical boards are conducted and medically unfit are identified and their kin are given jobs.  Singareni follows very strict rules for such employment. Some innocent people are falling prey to fraudsters and Singareni’s name is maligned due to this.

To avoid this the management uses the vigilance department, the identity of the informer is kept secret and strict action is taken against those involved.  The names of the corrupt persons is given to the vigilance department which keeps a close watch on these people and initiates strict action.

Indication is given to the employees that vigilance department will take strict action and also yearly vigilance-awareness weeks are conducted and information is distributed.  Inquiry is taken up against those implicated and acting as agents of cheaters and are fired from the jobs giving a strong indication to those involved in such activities.

“Call me directly for complaints against corruption” —  Sri. N. Balaram, IRS, Director (Finance, projects and planning) and Chief Vigilance officer

“As per the wishes of the CMD Sri. N. Sridhar, Singareni has to be a corruption free organization.  There is a specified system for appointments in Singareni.  Information on vacancies is given through newspaper advertisements, applications are accepted and appointments are done as per a specified system. All details are uploaded on the company website.

Do not believe in fraudsters who provide bogus appointment letters.  Corrupt free Singareni can be achieved through the cooperation of all the employees.  Corruption has to end if there has to be development of the State and the Country.

Information of corruption and those involved in such activities can be given on this mobile number 9491144104 or vigilance GM  Sri. I A. Chandrashekar can be reached on 9491145027.  Vigilance mail ID is vig@scclmines.com and information can be given on this mail ID.

The Identity of the informants will be kept secret and strict action will be taken on these fraudsters”. N. Balaram IRS Director (F, P & P) and Chief Vigilance Officer, SCCL.

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