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AP: Nabard estimated to 3,450.92 Cr loan to the fisheries sector

26.81 per cent more than last year

NABARD revealed in the state focus document

NABARD has estimated that the fisheries sector will need a loan of Rs 3,450.92 crore in the current financial year (2021–22). This is 26.81 per cent more than last year. This was disclosed by NABARD in the State Focus document.

He appreciated that the state government was taking various measures to enhance the livelihood of the fishermen.

It said it had increased the diesel subsidy given to fishermen’s boats and had provided them with financial assistance for two consecutive years in the name of YSR Fishermen’s Guarantee during the hunting ban.

Aqua explained that it has taken steps to encourage farmers, to provide quality certified inputs through farmer assurance centers, and to set up fishing harbors and fish landing centers.

In this context, NABARD stated that the demand for credit in this sector has increased significantly compared to the past.

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