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Inter States Co-ordination Meeting on Elephants Wandering

An Inter State co-ordination meeting was held today on the control of elephant migration in human habitations and their conservation. The meeting was attended by senior forest officials from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Mr. N. Prateep Kumar PCCF(HoFF) Andhra Pradesh said that elephants often come into human settlements and crop fields, causing severe problems and loss of life and property. He participated in a video conference program set up at the state forest department headquarters in Guntur in AP.

PCCF said the state forest department is taking full measures to prevent the elephants from crossing the forests, but the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are frequently entering Andhra Pradesh. Elephants are coming towards the villages from the Kaundinya Elephant Sanctuary in Palamaner area of ​​Chittoor district due to low availability of food and water in the Kaundinya Sanctuary.

He said farmers were being electrocuted as they were installing power lines to protect wildlife, adding that elephants in Tamil Nadu were also coming towards Koundinya as Tamil Nadu personnel opened fire as part of the evacuation.

AP officials told state officials that problems were arising with elephants coming into similar forests from Karnataka over the heap. On this occasion the high officials of the three states made several suggestions at the meeting and decided to convene more frequently. In particular it was decided at the meeting that there was no other way but to move forward with coordination for problem solving.

All officials are of the opinion that the Elephant Corridor connecting the three states would solve the problem as the Koundinya Sanctuary is within the three states. It was also decided at the meeting to appoint a nodal officer from each state.

The officials of the three states came together with a consensus and decided to include a specific proposal as part of the joint operation and prepare a plan to make it profitable for the three states and send it to the Central Government. Andhra Pradesh PCCF N Prateep Kumar will soon visit the state to review the successful measures taken as part of preventive measures, he said.

PCCF (Research) AK Nayak, Karnataka Wildlife Conservation Officer Vijayakumar Gopi, Tamil Nadu Chief Conservation Officer Munjamil Abbas, Tamil Nadu Additional PCCF Vijayendra Malik, Karnataka Additional PCCF Subhash Melkode and three state officials Deepak Biligi. Venkatesh, Srinivasa Shastri, Shiva Shankar. RaviShankar. Etc. participated. The program was coordinated by DCF Naga Maneshwari.

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