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Hyderabad: Is an election necessary now? The High Court Serious on EC

The night curfew on the other hand ends tomorrow. The High Court also questioned the government on the situation after that. It also reprimanded what last-minute decisions were.

Do people’s lives matter? Election?: Night curfew ending tomorrow?: The court then questioned what the situation was

The High Court has once again expressed anger over the Telangana government. The Court rebuked him for calling for elections at this time. On the other hand, if people are suffering a lot with Corona, do you need elections? Do people’s lives matter? Are elections important? Asked the Telangana Election Commission directly. The High Court also expressed his anger over the Telangana government. Are elections necessary at this time of corona devastation? Asked.  The court was outraged at the Election Commission for holding elections during the Corona period.

It questioned the need for elections to be held under such dire circumstances. On the other hand, the night curfew imposed in Telangana will end tomorrow. However, the court questioned what the next steps would be. The government explained to the high court that it would review the situation tomorrow and take a decision. They made it clear that they were not giving any instructions on control measures.

The tribunal was furious at allowing election rallies and campaigning in such circumstances where corona cases were rising by the hour. The High Court has issued a warning to the EC to explain why it has given permission for election campaigns and rallies from April 22 to 27.

What arrangements have been made for the conduct of the actual election? It also directed the Telangana government and the Election Commission to explain to voters how they can exercise their right to vote. EC asked the government to postpone the elections. Also wrote a letter to the government in this regard. The court asked that the letter be submitted to the court.

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