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Tusks were cut and the elephant was killed and burned

An elephant has been killed by unidentified persons in the Valparai Varattu Parai forest area of Coimbatore district. The tusks were cut and taken away.

The cremation was also carried out without anyone noticing. Workers of Valparai Varattu Parai Estate in Coimbatore district went to fetch firewood in the forest. Went to a place that is a safe area on the side of the Saylor Dam.

The stench was noticed while the firewood was being washed and returned. The forest official informed Jayachandran that the elephant was lying in a burnt condition somewhere.

A team led by him and doctors rushed to the spot. It was revealed that the elephant had been killed by unidentified persons and its tusks had been cut off. Chemicals were also found in the area to erase the evidence.

With the elephant burnt, it is 90 percent unrecognizable. With this, the chemicals there, some part of the elephant carcass was moved for research. The wind was blowing for the perpetrators of this atrocity.


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