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Singareni: CMD lauds workers for surpassing the targets even during the Covid period

Singareni has made significant progress in April this year as compared to April last year

Coal transport with 79% growth, Coal production with 62.9% growth: OB elimination with 27.5% growth: 822.94. Singareni Thermal Power Station achieves 98.53 per cent PLF of power generation: Singareni Solar Plants generating 46.95 million units of electricity.

CMD N Sridhar congratulated the workers and officials who worked hard to achieve the Singareni goal. Corona describes the progress the company has made during this month.

The Singareni Company achieved significant growth in April, even during the Corona crisis. April this year saw tremendous growth. During April, the company exported 54.43 lakh tonnes of coal, an increase of 79.11 per cent over 30.4 lakh tonnes last year.

Coal production in April was 48.56 lakh tonnes, up 61.9 per cent from 30 lakh tonnes in the same month last year. Overburden extraction was 347 lakh cubic meters last month, an increase of 27.5 per cent over 272.2 lakh cubic meters extracted in the same month last year. CMD N. Sridhar congratulated the Singareni workers’ authorities for achieving this growth in April, taking due care even during the corona.

He said an average of 1.80 lakh tonnes of coal per day was being transported across the Singareni Corona taking precautionary measures to ensure that there was no shortage of coal in the state’s power plants in the wake of high power consumption in April. Coal was shipped through a total of 940 raks last month at an average rate of 31 railway raks per day.

On the occasion, he congratulated the workers and asked them to achieve the targets of 1.90 lakh tonnes per day of coal production and transportation as well as 13.5 lakh cubic meters of overburden removal targets to achieve the set targets for this year.

Singareni Thermal Power Station with 98.53 PLF.

822.94 million units of electricity generation

Meanwhile, the Singareni Thermal Power Station near Jaipur in Manchiriala district announced that it had achieved 822.53 million units of electricity in April this year with 98.53 per cent PLF. He congratulated the employees, saying that this year it was 26 per cent growth as against 72.29 PLF in the same month last year.

The first unit of the plant achieved 98.63 per cent PLF with 411.89 million units of electricity, while the second unit generated 411.05 million units of electricity and achieved 98.43 per cent PLF.

In April, it generated 822.94 million units of electricity with a total PLF of 98.5 3%, of which 777.21 million units were supplied to the state.

He urged the employees to supply power to the state’s power needs while achieving good PLF with a similar trend

46.95 MW of power generation from Singareni solar plants.

Singareni said it has so far generated 46.95 million units of electricity from solar power plants across Singareni by the end of April. 226 lakh units from Manuguru 30 MW plant,

146 lakh units from the 10 MW solar power plant at Singareni Thermal Power Station, 61.61 lakh units from the 39 MW plant at home, 39 lakh units from the 30 MW plant at Ramagundam and 3.9 lakh units from the two plants in Mandamarri which were recently commissioned in the second phase. In all, 46.96 million units of electricity were able to be connected to the state power supply companies. It has been informed that by October this year, a total of 300 MW of solar plants will be connected to full power.

Significant growth in sales this year over last April

Sales in April last year were just Rs 1201 crore as against Rs 1693 crore in April this year. That’s a 41 percent increase in sales.

In terms of profits, the pre-profit was just Rs 17.65 crore in April last year and is expected to touch Rs 203 crore in April this year.

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