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Puducherry: Results of 20 constituencies announced

In the Union Territory of Puducherry, So far the results of 20 constituencies announced officially. The National Democratic Alliance captured 11 seats and Secular Democratic Alliance won in 5 seats. 4 Independent candidates also elected here.

In the NDA Alliance BJP won 3 seats. In Kamaraj Nagar constituency Mr Johnkumar , and his son Richard who contested in Nellithoppu constituency won in this election. Namasivayam of BJP also elected from Mannadipet. The NR Congress candidates captured 8 seats . The winning candidates are Theni.

Jeyakumar in Mangalam constituency, Ramesh in Kadirkamam and Lakshmi Kanthan in Emblem . In Secular Democratic Alliance, Congress won in 2 seats and the DMK won in 3 seats. Former DMK legislator Siva from Villaiyanoor, Nazeem from Karaikal and Anibal Kennedy from Uppalam constituency are elected. 4 independent candidates elected in this election.

Nehru from Urulaiyanpet, Prakash Kumar from Muthiyalpet, Angalan from Tirubuvanai and Siva from Tirunallaru are tasted success here. In Yanam, another Independent candidate Kollapalli Srinivas Ashok scored 16,364 votes. His opponent and CM candidate, NR Congress leader NR Rengasamy for 14,181 votes.

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