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AP: Hyderabad Zoo Covid concerns: pre-awakened AP Forest

Mr. N Prateep Kumar PCCF has issued directions to close of zoos, city parks, tourist centers and temple eco-parks run by the state forest department from today.

He said the decision was taken as per the directive of the state government on the recommendation of the Union Ministry of Forests. He said the decision was taken as a precautionary measure against the threat to human and animal lives, especially in the wake of the Covid 19 second wave in India.

As part of this, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam, Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park in Tirupati and 29 eco-tourism centers in the state, 23 city parks and 7 temple eco-parks have been directed to be closed from today. To this extent the PCCF has clarified through these directives that the concerned Conservatives DFOs should take preventive measures against Covid.

He said that the health of the animals in the zoos would be monitored by the concerned authorities from time to time. He said the directives would remain in force till further orders from the central and state governments. Principal CCF Prateep Kumar said the directives would come into effect immediately.

State Forest Minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy said he had already issued clear directions to them in this regard. PCCF N. Prateep Kumar clarified that the instructions given by the Central Zoo Authority regarding the animals in the zoo should be strictly followed.

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