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AP: Fishermen fishing through ‘Olive Ridley’ weather forecast

Despite the availability of new scientific and technological information to provide climatic details, human beings continue to rely on nature and the animal kingdom for survival. Olive Ridley turtles rely heavily on meteorological information, especially when it comes to fishing in the sea.

These turtles detect weather conditions in advance and reach the shore during low pressure and stormy weather at sea. Fishermen who observe their arrival refrain from going fishing. In addition, turtles eat jellyfish, which are harmful to marine fish, and contribute to fisheries growth. Jellyfish can damage their nets if they touch the fishermen’s nets during fishing. Fishermen get sick with fever and aches and pains when they are caught.

Every Covid patient needs oxygen during a corona disaster reminding them of its value. ‘Olive Ridley’ turtles are helping to increase the percentage of such oxygen in seawater.

We insult the ‘Olive Ridley’ turtles that are so special but they help the environment to increase the percentage of oxygen in the seawater. That is why rising turtles in drinking water wells has been a tradition since ancient times.

Only the Olive Ridley turtles have the power to eat this dangerous jellyfish.

The waste accumulated in the sea during the spawning of the fish interferes with them. Turtles eat such waste and contribute to fish reproduction as well as the environment. In the same way these turtles also help to increase the percentage of oxygen in the ocean. That is why it is everyone’s duty to protect the ‘Olive Ridley’ breed of turtles. It must be said that fishermen take the lead in this regard. Because they are at the forefront of getting the most output of them.

‘Olive Ridley’ Department of Forestry Conservation

Forest officials have taken special measures to protect the ‘Olive Ridley’ species known as sea turtles. More than 8,000 Olive Ridley turtle eggs have already been collected at Suryalanka Beach off the coast of Bapatla. They hatched and released 6,000 babies into the sea. Another 2,000 eggs are hatching.

These turtles feed on plankton, wild plants, jellyfish and other wastes in the seabed to prevent contamination of the water. They are very useful for the livelihood of the fishermen by providing a conducive environment for the development of fisheries.

The survival of this important species of eco-friendly species of turtle has become questionable. Their numbers continue to dwindle due to heavy industrial waste at sea, being torn apart by large boat traffic, and their eggs being eaten by foxes and dogs. With this, the forest department officials are taking special measures in the areas around Suryalanka and Nizam Patnam under the Bapatla division to protect the species.

With the establishment of care centers ..

Due to the favorable conditions, the Olive Ridley Turtles migrate to the shores of Bapatla and Nizampatnam in the Rapalle Range every year to lay their eggs. In this context, the Guntur District Forest Department has set up turtle conservation centers on the shores of Suryalanka and Nizampatnam in December 2020.

It established hatcheries on both sides and employed fishermen as laborers. The turtles reach the shore between 2am and 5.30am. They dig holes in the sand dunes on the shore and lay their eggs. They cover the sand and go back to the sea.

Fishermen keep track of the turtle’s footprints in the sand dunes, collecting their eggs and moving them to hatcheries. In the past, sea turtle eggs were eaten by foxes, rabbits and dogs. As a result, the number of turtles in the species has been declining. The survival of the species was made possible by the efforts of the Forest Department to protect it from the bar.

Hatcheries to preserve

Bapatla Forest Beat Officer Zafrulla said that special hatcheries have been set up under DFO Ramachandra Rao to develop the offspring of the Olive Ridley breed of turtles.

So far more than 8 thousand eggs have been collected. 6,000 of them have already been left at sea. The remaining two thousand eggs are in the incubation stage.



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