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Hyderabad Zoo: Covid Panja fired 20 employees

Covid influence continues in Nehru Zoological Park. The recent corona-positive exposure of 8 Asiatic lions at the zoo has caused a stir across the country. Corona had an impact on the employees working at the zoo at that time before their subject was settled. The closure of the zoo due to the corona has led to the dismissal of temporary employees under the guise of not working.

Zoo officials fired 20 employees who were working as battery vehicle drivers. Since the launch of pollution-free battery vehicles at the zoo, visitors have been fired from their jobs due to corona, with drivers revealing wildlife details while rotating in battery vehicles. We will see when the zoo reopens … officials said not to come into duty now.

They complain that they have to pay six months’ salary according to government regulations if they are fired, but that the zoo officials fired them without paying any wages. They were fired without even being given at least a month’s expenses.

Shivani Dogra, the curator of the zoo in the past, has laid off about 200 employees on a large scale. They are dismissing employees in defiance of government regulations and darkening their livelihoods. However, the government and the Minister of Forests are responding and asking employees to support outsourced employees.

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