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Hyderabad: Alternative to Oxygen Cylinders: Oxygen through Concentrator Filters: Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

The corona is creating a stir in the second wave country. Millions of new cases, thousands of deaths. Most of the deaths are due to lack of beds and oxygen in hospitals.

However, many of those infected with the corona reach a life-threatening state as oxygen levels drop. In this context, all state governments are trying to increase oxygen production on a large scale. Are specially arranged for a continuous supply of oxygen.

Former MP Konda Vishweshwarreddy gave good news at a time when there was a shortage of oxygen during the Covid crisis. A video to this effect has been released on Twitter. Chinese oxygen Concentrators are not doing it right.

He said the oxygen Concentrator would absorb gases from the air, filter out nitrogen, separate 98 percent of the oxygen and send the nitrogen out through a pipe. He said the cylinders had not been found recently and would have been found sooner if found.

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Made in Japan, this oxygen Concentrator is said to run on current. It can be used simultaneously for 30 days if the current is applied. There is no need for refilling now, year after year ..can be changed after two years.

One of these was announced as a donation to the Yagna Foundation. He also mentioned that his cousin Anita was donating two more. It was also revealed that Vikarabad is trying to set up 15, 20 beds in Chevelle.



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