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Hyderabad: The High Court is angry with the govt over the reduction of Covid-19 tests

The High Court held an urgent inquiry into the corona conditions in the state. Covid-19 has angered the government over the reduction in diagnostic tests. The court warned that contempt notices would be issued if the orders were disobeyed. In the same way .. KCR questioned the government as to why ambulances are being blocked at the borders. The court was outraged that Covid was not following the rules in the old town.

In the same way .. “Putting the press meet on the day we gave the orders … how can CS say that lockdown is not necessary. Do you want to lock down after Ramadan? ” Responding to this, the Advocate General told the court that there was a cabinet meeting in the afternoon and that details on lockdown and curfew would be submitted after the meeting.

The court adjourned the hearing to 2:30 pm to give full details of the current situation in the order. Meanwhile, in the wake of the ongoing corona calm in Telangana … the suspense over the lockdown continues. A resolution on the issue is likely to come later in the evening after the cabinet meeting today.

High Court questions government:

Why are ambulances stopped at interstate borders?

Hyderabad is a medical hub. Many people come here for health. What authority do you have to tell people not to come here?

How do you prevent people from coming to the hospital for treatment?

Care, Apollo Hospital has international patients.

The national capital, Delhi, also receives a large number of patients from various states. Is that why ambulances are being stopped in Delhi?

What is stopping ambulances if so many lives are lost?

As we said in the past you could not even perform mobile tests but now ambulances are being stopped. Why?

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