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‘Nobody dies from oxygen deprivation at King Koti Hospital’

They are natural deaths .. Medical Education Director Ramesh Reddy Explanation

No one died at the Ongoing King koti District Hospital, Medical Education Director Ramesh said. All three who died Sunday at the hospital were pronounced dead of natural causes. He said people would be horrified if news of oxygen or death came in the papers, on TV and on social media during the disaster.

He visited King koti Hospital on Monday to find out the details of the incident in which three people died of oxygen deprivation on Sunday. Covid inquired from the medical team about the condition at OP and how many people were being treated.

Superintendent Dr. Rajendranath, Nodal Officer Dr. Mallikharjun and Additional Superintendent Dr. Jalaja inspected the oxygen supply room of the hospital and the process of filling it with oxygen.

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Asked about the possible reasons for the decrease in oxygen supply. He later said that natural deaths continue to occur in hospitals every day, adding that three people who died on Sunday also died of natural causes.

He clarified that he was coming to government hospitals at the last minute as he was not cured in private hospitals and later died due to deteriorating health condition.

He expressed concern that if people were terrorized, no one would go to government hospitals. He said there was a tripartite committee comprising IAS officers on oxygen supply, which would monitor oxygen stocks and requirements on a regular basis.

King koti Hospital, however, said that 46 kg oxygen cylinders were available and another 50 cylinders would be made available. He said the construction of an oxygen generator at the hospital would be completed soon, as well as oxygen concentrators would be available.


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