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Hyderabad: Covid lockdown a boon to govt revenue: Sales of over Rs 120 Cr in a single day

Government permission for sales between 6–10 am: Physical distance rings should be set up in front of every shop Siege of shops in violation of regulations: Owners of bars in the morning say: Appeal for permission for door delivery

The government has also given the green signal for liquor sales in the state during the lockdown. However, it clarified that wine shops, bars and restaurants can only be opened between 6 am and 10 am in the morning, which allows for all kinds of activities. The Excise Department on Tuesday issued orders to this effect.

Corona warned that the rules must be strictly adhered to when selling liquor, and that physical rings must be set up in front of all stores to ensure that consumers stand in them and buy alcohol.

Excise Commissioner Sarfaraz Ahmed said in the orders that the permit rooms could not be opened and shops would be seized if the corona rules were violated. He said the shop owner should also take the responsibility of controlling the people who came to buy liquor.

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Even if the government gives permission .. there is ambiguity among the owners on how to open the bars in the morning. They question who is going to sit in the bars early in the morning and drink alcohol. Pouring is how restaurants close by 10am. They said that they had suffered severe losses during the last lockdown and that they had gone into a situation where they could not even pay the license fees. Operators want to allow bars to retail liquor, or to allow door-to-door delivery from bars after wine shops close.

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As the one-sided state cabinet meeting unfolded, gunmen lined up in front of wine shops as news broke that a lockdown was being imposed. Liquor stores seemed to be overcrowded, as were the rest of the shops. Corona rules are forgotten and thrown for alcohol. In some places the police had to tell their batons to work. The situation remained the same until curfew time on Tuesday night.

Many appeared to be buying enough liquor for 10 days, doubting whether the government would allow liquor sales during the lockdown. Excise department figures show that liquor sales were at a record high of over Rs 120 crore in a single day on Tuesday. Liquor worth Rs 670 crore was sold for 11 days this month, more than double the average for a single day on Tuesday. Read: (10 days lockdown from today ..

Capital share Rs 50 crore!

Liquor sales in Hyderabad were booming from noon to 8 pm on Tuesday. Bars lined up in front of shops, big and small, women and men alike. A similar situation was seen at about 300 liquor stores within the city limits. Police and patrolling personnel had to enter the field at various places to sort out the congestion. No-stock boards have appeared at several stores for some time. Liquor worth Rs 10 crore is sold daily in the city. On Tuesday, the Excise Department officials estimated that liquor sales had gone up by 5 times in a single day.

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